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Home Soon!

I’m heading home soon!! *happy happy dance*

I’m getting pretty excited to leave this island and visit my parents and friends back home for a bit. I need a break. Boy do I need a break.

I should start packing this weekend. But FIRST I’m going trim my hair. It needs it. I remember the first time I was going to trim my hair and the apprehension and anxiety that preceded it. But now it’s no big deal. More of a pain than anything else. But I need to do it before I go home because when I’m home I’m getting a protective style put in!

That’s right, my first protective style after a year of being natural! Who’s excited? I am! I’m a little nervous though because while my mom’s putting mine in, I’m putting hers in. I don’t think it will be too difficult (fingers crossed). There will be pictures, don’t worry. I will do a full account of the Havana Twists to check out.

It’s Saturday morning but I didn’t go for a run today and that’s okay. I think I’ll plan one for tomorrow morning.

I just took a break to trim my hair. So easy. And I did it myself. I just spritzed a section, put shea butter/coconut oil on it, twisted it and while holding the end, snipped it. Then moved on to next section and did my whole head. Didn’t take too long and I feel a lot better knowing my ends will be ready for a protective style and less likely to get snarly when they’re in Havana twists for that time.

2nd trim at 1 year

2nd trim at 1 year

YAY! Happy, healthy, hair free from SSKs


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