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The Day I Crashed My Bike

I’m bruised. My neck feels stiff. My fingers are scraped up. My knees are sore. But I’m okay!

Today is the first (and gosh I hope last) day I crashed my bike (that I can remember). So I got this new tracking app (a post will be up about that shortly) and I had  to try it out while biking. I was wearing mitts and I took my right mitt off to check out how I was doing so that I knew when to turn around and head back home. I was at about 5k and figured, yep that’s good, it’s rainy and gross, time to turn around. So, with my left hand, and only my left hand, I applied the brakes.

Going downhill.

Yeah. My brakes really work. So my bike stopped. I had one foot down then realized I would probably need both feet down. Both feet down, I assumed that was good enough to slow the momentum but nope my bike kind of flew up behind me and I flew over and landed on my knees, scraped my right hand and smacked my noggin on the ground. Ow.

From my prone position on the pavement I watched my water bottle roll down the hill and into the ditch on the right. My mitt went to the left along with my bike. I gathered myself up, got my stuff and turned around to head home while my bike made a low squeaky noise. No one was around at the time. *sigh* It was a sad moment for me.

Two words: Lesson. Learned.

PS: Helmets are awesome. Use one. Always.

PPS: I need a pick-me-up. Someone bring me a poutine. Or ice cream 😦


6 thoughts on “The Day I Crashed My Bike

  1. Ouch! So glad that you didn’t break any bones or suffer more severe injuries. Feel better and thanks for sharing your frightening and unfortunate experience.

    • I’m in one piece which is good. The range of motion in my neck has been restored and my bruises are gone. So I am thankful (and a whole lot smarter) after that incident. Thank you!

    • I like biking, I’ve seen a lot of my city I would have missed by bus/car. Plus bikes are cheap and relatively fast, so for me, it’s a bike all the way. But boy do I miss driving.

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