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Running With CurlyPotential.

I was recently featured on ‘The Diary of a Natural Gal’ and thought I’d share with you 🙂

The Diary of a Natural Gal

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Ndeshimona, I’m 24 and I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I’m currently a communications/marketing assistant at an event management firm.

photo 1

Why did you go natural?

My decision to go natural was almost a necessity. Early 2012 my hair was in rough shape, it was broken almost everywhere except for the front where I had these long straight strands. It was not a good look. I was frustrated and I started researching black women and their hair experience. I was surprised, excited and inspired by the wealth of information I found online and I knew I was done with relaxers. I big chopped March 2012.

photo 2

My mom and I went to the salon and I told the stylist I wanted just my natural hair. I was hesitant when she brought out the scissors and then pretty much petrified when she…

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