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Work, Home and Hair

So good news: My internship will become full-time employment April 15! That’s right, they decided they want to hang on to me so my internship will be 5 months instead of 6 and then I will be have a full-time job which utilizes all of my schoolin’. I’m thankful that I found employment at all and more that I have a job where I live and don’t have to move! *Happy dance*

So now that I’m gainfully employed I requested some time off to visit the parents. Got my ticket and I’ll be home for 10 days just in time for Easter. For Lent (which I do more because I enjoy giving up something along with the rest of the world, a self-challenge) I gave up meat. I don’t eat it that much… but for the next… 40 days is it? no meat for me. So when I go home for Easter you had better believe I will be enjoying whatever mom and dad put in front of me. Whether it’s their kasumbi (chicken) or kapenta (little fish) or tilapia or spaghetti or wings… mmm! I can’t wait to be home!!

I showed my mom Havana Twists a while back and she really liked them. I told her I was going to get them (eventually) and she wanted them too. So I have finally done it. I ordered the hair yesterday and had them shipped to my parents’ place. So while I’m there she’ll install mine and I can install hers. That’s right, mom and daughters (I’m lookin at you Jasmine haha!) will have matching hairstyles. HA! What a perfect photo op that would be. Fingers crossed it gets there in time.

PS: Jasmine now that I will be joining the rest of the world in 9-5’s + weekends off + holiday time you can bet I’ll be taking you up on that summer bike ride in Van 🙂



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