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Haiku – Why I Run

i run because it’s
as close as i can get to
flying, i’ll take it

-Ndeshimona (MyCurlyPotential)


3 thoughts on “Haiku – Why I Run

  1. Yes!! Me too. I am ADDICTED to the endorphin effects of running! Do you track your sneaker mileage! When i feel it in my hips, it is usually time for a new pair of kicks. Of course, a good sports doctor is the best call.

    • I’ve been thinking about that.. I’m not sure about mileage but I’ve had these runners… it’ll be 3 years in June so I think I need to find a new pair. But yeah I should look into it. I did my 10k this morning and it was good. I need to find a better route though, this one had too many traffic lights and I hate stopping and starting.

      • Girl, it’s definitely time for new sneaks. Lol!! About 8 years ago, I switched to Asics and they made a world of difference. Congrats on your 10K. You can track your mileage on MapMyRun application. I’m lucky, I don’t have traffic lights to deal with.. a better route will help you to get into a rhythm–without all the stopping and starting. Keep it movin’!

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