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Three Cheers For Oatmeal!

How do I love theeLet me count the ways.

You may not look pretty but you pack a punch when it comes to my hunger and my budget. Plus there’s always stuff to add, apples, flax seed, brown sugar. And there are soo many things great about oatmeal nutrition-wise. Iron and fibre to start.

Mm, oatmeal, you make me look goooood!


3 thoughts on “Three Cheers For Oatmeal!

  1. Yes, indeed! I enjoy cooking steel oats in a crockpot with apples and cinnamon. Once done, I transfer the cooked oats in a container. Then for a couple of days, I simply add bananas, blueberries, cinnamon, and flax seed and reheat the oats in the microwave. OMG! Makes for a tasty and hardy breakfast. 😉

    • I still have to try that crockpot oats! I usually end up making quick oats in the morning and have steel cut on the weekends haha. But that seems like a good time-saver.. That’s now on my to-do list thanks 🙂

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