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Listening To My Body — It Pays

Food. Love it. Pizza and sushi are up there as my favourite meals. Those are closely followed by nachos, burritos, falafal wraps, pasta, chips!, anything that requires a chipotle dip, chicken fingers, anything my mom cooks, potato skins… you get the point. As a kid you pretty much eat whatever is put in front of you. Unless you really don’t like it and get sent to your room (sorry Pops. I’m sure if I tried your pineapple turkey [or was it chicken?] I would enjoy it but my 7-year-old self just wasn’t feeling it). I wasn’t a particularly picky eater and there wasn’t anything that I can remember that upset my stomach.

Then I moved out. Game-changer right there. First of all, good luck trying to cook like mom and pop. Those guys can whip a meal out of anything. Now you’re stuck making grocery lists (wha?), calling mom to ask if you should boil a potato or stick it in the oven… calling pops to see how to cook fish. I have had my fair share of meals that did not make the cut.

Also as you grow your dietary preferences change. As a kid I drank milk like crazy. 4L jugs wouldn’t last long between my brother and I. One thing I noticed after moving out and after a couple of years was that my body was not a fan of milk. Nope. I won’t describe the side effects but they were less than pleasant. Did I change my habits? No not so much. Sour cream, yogurt and cheese were still part of my diet even though I knew they were not doing me any favours.

When I started to cut down on how much dairy I consumed it made a difference. No more sour cream for me amongst other things.

Recently I replaced my milk with soy milk and I have found myself to be much happier because of it. It takes a little getting used to but I am quite content to drink a glass of vanilla soy milk, use it on my oatmeal, make a soy chai latte. I really don’t miss milk. And I’m still getting my calcium plus a bunch of other vitamins and nutrients.

Cheese is a little trickier but the last time I ate nachos I just included guacamole and salsa and I was good. I can’t avoid cheese on pizza but then again I rarely eat pizza and usually when I have a meal I follow it with a mug of green tea. Love Genmaicha from David’s tea. It helps digestion.

Just thought I would share that little tidbit about how listening to myself helped. It was worth it to make some changes.


4 thoughts on “Listening To My Body — It Pays

  1. I’ve been working with a naturopath lately to deal with some issues related to food sensitivities. I’m currently on a no-dairy, no-starch elimination diet. I feel so much better now. I will have to start adding things back in soon to see what I can handle. It’s amazing the havoc food can cause!

    • Yeah! The process of elimination isn’t fun but once you’ve zeroed in on what’s causing the drama it’s smooth(er) sailing.

      I saw your post on your amazing blender! I feel like that’s the way to go. I want to be able to incorporate all the good things I should be consuming in a day (but don’t, like flaxseed) I feel like blending it with other things and drinking it is so much easier than sprinkling it in my oatmeal and choking it down.

      But yeah it is crazy that food that never affected you before is suddenly a pain. I hope you narrow down what is bothering you Jasmine!

  2. My 5 year old constantly has tummy issues and I’m starting to consider switching to almond or soy milk. I don’t know what else it could be, but food elimination seems so difficult! Especially with it being HER body and not mine. This gives me some hope though…we’ll see!

    • That’s definitely a tricky situation. I hope you find out what’s troubling her tummy! It may take some getting used to, but I don’t miss milk, soy is yummy and it does come in flavours, just have to watch out for all that sugar.

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