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Great Run For My Saturday Morning

I just got back from a run where I managed to do about 6.5k! Holla! Morning off, no plans, I thought, when the sun’s up I’m just going to put on my shoes and go for run. And I did.trail

I ran on a regional trail instead of running on the city sidewalks. No car traffic, just bikers, joggers, people walking their dogs and the occasional jolly old man on a scooter. At the beginning of my run I’m thinking ‘Good for me, out on a Saturday morning, getting a jog in. It’s kinda chilly though. Br.’ (Let it be known it’s about 6 C outside which is super mild) Then I’m running along and thinking ‘Well this isn’t so bad…’ As I look around watch a squirrel cross my path and birds flying overhead.

My Run

My Run

Then there’s the overpass and it’s the only incline I’ll see on my whole run and it’s over in 40 seconds. As I’m going up the overpass the senior in the scooter gives me a honk which sounded like a dog barking and I’m sure he knows he startled me but I give him a smile anyway. Then the same overpass an older jogger gives me a raised fist as a running salute? I’m assuming so… it was accompanied with a smile. I manage a ‘hi’ with a flap of my left hand in a strange hybrid jog-wave. Then I run to a busy intersection just over 3k up and I think that’s good for today. Gonna head back now. On my way back of course I see the same senior scooter dude who says ‘We meet again!’ This time unaccompanied by a honk. And then as I’m passing two girls on a bike one girl waves and says my name. Takes me a sec before I respond quickly with a ‘Hi Sarah!’

Then I’m on the home stretch. I’m all warmed up and I begin to pick up my pace. I’m nearing a sprint and almost to the end when my shoe lace comes untied! So I slow down and cautiously walk off the trail and do it up and stretch and walk home.

Great morning! 🙂

It’s a great little community trail.


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