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My Hair Is Loving Me Right Now

I think I made the best decision in purchasing the Curl Enhancing Smoothie from Shea Moisture.

First off, it’s a good sized tub, I can’t see myself running out of this stuff anytime soon.

Second: It. Smells. Amazing. I kid you not. This stuff smells like a beautifully concocted dessert of amazingness! It legitimately smells good enough to eat. Won me over.

Third: It’s not a cream, it’s not a butter, it actually is a smoothie. It has a light, whipped texture and you’re good using small portions in your hair.

Fourth but no less important: It leaves your hair feeling soooo incredibly soft!! Even now at 6pm after work, I am home and my hair is still moisturized and soft. It’s amazing and it’s so lightweight. I’ll let you know how it does me for the week but I’m really happy I purchased this product.

Update: Here are the results of my braid-out.


2 thoughts on “My Hair Is Loving Me Right Now

    • Thank you! I did a braid-out the next day which had great results. I’ll have to add pictures. I haven’t found this product when I’ve looked here in BC so I ordered it online. I would say my hair type is predominantly 4C.

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