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Why Havana Twists Are On The Back Burner

I’m having this mental hang-up at the moment. I want my hair in a protective style. I really want to spare it from manipulation for a couple of weeks if I could. But I can’t bring myself to shell out the cash.

When I used to go to the salon I would spend $60-80 (I can’t even remember…) to have my hair chemically straightened. Pricey. Then I moved to a bigger city and was able to buy at-home relaxer kits and those were usually around $15. Hello saving money! Now, I’m looking at Havana hair online and each pack is $13. Not bad. But I’m looking to buy 4 or 5 packs which is $52-65 dollars. Plus shipping. I haven’t had to spend a sum like that for almost a year so it irks me a little to have to pay that now. I know it’s a protective style which I will only benefit from but I also know that I’m not in the best position to be spending that kind of money. Especially because I’m looking to reduce my debt and therefore use what little bits I have towards my credit.

I know this protective style is something that suits my lifestyle both for installation and maintenance. I know the hair is reusable if I take care of it. I know this style will protect my hair for a couple of weeks allowing it to rest. And I know if after a month I need to take them out I can easily put them right back in.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make a little lay-away plan for myself. Every week I’ll put $20 away. After 5 weeks I will have $100 and that will cover both the hair and shipping costs. And at that point I feel I will have had plenty of time to research the installation and maintenance and I will be both mentally and financially prepared to rock those twists!

So here’s to week 1. $20 in my beer bottle bank πŸ˜‰ See you in 5 weeks Havana Hair!


19 thoughts on “Why Havana Twists Are On The Back Burner

  1. I felt like you did when I saw the price. The one thing that made me feel okay with buying the hair was that it is reusable. I have done my Havana twist twice so far I am so happy I do not have to keep buying the hair. Now you CAN just get the kinky hair from the beauty supply and it looks the same but I really like the Havana twist hair. One thing I will say is use the foil method when you curl your ends. Don’t just wrap the hair around some curlers and dip it in the water like you would if you had regular braids. The hair does melt if you just dip it in the water. The hair will last longer if you use the method they tell you to use on finger comber. Your layaway plan is a great idea. I did something like that to get mine as well. I look forward to your post on Havana twist in the near future.

    • Yeah! Shock to the system. It’s hard springing for that when you’re used to $8 shea butter and coconut oil! But because it’s reusable I am more willing to go for it just have to get the funds. I don’t know where the closet Beauty Supply Store is or if that exists in Canada? But I’ve only ever seen braiding hair in salons and I can only imagine the mark-up on those.
      Thank you for the tip with the tinfoil!! That’s so good to know. I want to make sure the hair doesn’t melt so I can reuse it.
      Hopefully by the beginning of February I will be rocking Havana twists. And there will definitely be a post on that!

      • Oh wow girl yeah if you are in an area in Canada where it’s hard to get to a beauty supply this would be a good investment. I passed you the information i wish someone would have given me in a Youtube video.

  2. Okay sis, you inspired me. I just ordered some of the hair and I’m going to try DIY. If I fail, I’ll just take the hair to Amaguru and have her do it. I need a protective style, pronto. I wonder how long it will take to get here. I ordered 5 packs to be safe.

    • Ooh well now I’m jealous! I’m soo excited to see them in! You’ll have to let me know if you used all 5 packs, that’s how much I’m planning to order. And the first comment at the top has a good tip for sealing the ends with the tinfoil. Did you get all one colour? Basically I would like a detailed account of your Havana Twist experience please. Plus pics πŸ™‚

  3. I did get all one colour, I think it was chestnut. I’m sure I will blog about it since it’s bound to be a lot of work! Too bad you don’t live on the mainland, you could come over and we could do each other’s!

  4. I love the look of Havana Twists and have done them DIY using Marley hair while I transitioned. The Havana hair for me wld be cost times 2.7 for the exchange rate in my currency. It was just too much. Gonna go hunt down or havana post now!!

    • Yeah, I think it’s a great look and it’s simple to install and maintain. The price is a bit much for me. I still have about 4 packs sitting at home. I think I may put them in when winter comes along. Gotta get my money’s worth. But yeah I also couldn’t find them where I live in Canada so I ordered them from the States. The exchange is closer to the Canadian dollar so it wasn’t bad in that regard but still it’s a pain. Thanks for the comment! πŸ™‚

  5. Girl… I am going thru the same thing… I literaly pace back and forth trying to make a decision. Sigh.. I’m still trying to decide and in the meantime the cold could care less.. it is still creeping its way in… 😦

    • I know! It’s like a ticking clock. I did end up putting these in this past Easter. I wore them for about three weeks and the whole time I had this ridiculous fear for my hair. I took them out and my hair was fiiiine, still soft even (I thought it would be brittle and in bad shape for some reason). There was some shedding, but that’s to be expected. I still have some left over so I’m thinking of installing them at the end of Octoberish?
      They’re a great look and pretty basic to install so in the end *siiigh* it was worth it πŸ˜‰

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