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My First Time Doing Hot Yoga

Note: Hot yoga is practiced in a room that is kept at 40C (104F). With a series of poses you sweat it out while stretching muscles.

A studio opened downtown in one of the newer buildings and they were offering a weekend of free classes. I think this particular studio solely teaches hot yoga. I went with my friend E because we had wanted to see what it was all about. We went in and found a place on the floor in the back with the rest of the newbs. It was toasty. Naturally. And it was about halfway through before I noticed the floors were heated too. Great.

We started with this breathing exercise which I can only describe as primal. It was kind of like being at the zoo except you were inside with the other monkeys. We went through a sequence of 26 poses doing each twice. It was good. There were a lot of stretching, balancing, reaching and really being aware of what your limbs and muscles are doing and where they’re going.

You’re sweaty, and everyone’s sweaty and breathing is important because you don’t want to limit yourself especially when the air is so thick and warm which can make breathing a little unpleasant in the first place. The floor stretches were great especially when they pumped some cool air intermittently.

I did enjoy the class but I don’t know that it’s a type of yoga I would enjoy routinely. I can see how going faithfully would improve posture and focus and strength but I think I prefer other types of yoga. What I did like about hot yoga was that you don’t need props or equipment. No blocks or cushions, just a mat, towel and water bottle. But I do miss my downward dog.

All in all I am glad I went. We’ll see how my body feels tomorrow but right now I’m all about rehydrating!

Oh! And in hair news I managed to make my first puff for my yoga class! Check it out!

My first puff!

My first puff!


7 thoughts on “My First Time Doing Hot Yoga

    • Aah if it was 80 degrees outside I would be inside in front of a fan. But that’s pretty cool. It was definitely worth the try, great experience and I feel pretty good having done it. Let me know if you try it 🙂

  1. You can do hot yoga without doing Bikram. You can do a regular vinyasa class (doesn’t have 26 specific poses, the teacher determines what you will do), and it may not be as hot. Bikram keeps the room temp at about 105. I used to do Baptiste style power yoga classes that were kept between 90-95 degrees. 🙂

      • My favorite is Baptiste power yoga. Kicks my butt and makes me feel like I got a good workout. Due to my new work schedule/commute, I haven’t been able to go like I used to. I used to get a monthly pass and go 5x per week.

        Check the yoga studio’s schedule and if it says “vinyasa” or “flow” yoga, that’s the kind of yoga I normally would do. Poses flow from one to the next and you generally start the class with sun salutations.

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