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Eye-Catching Accessories

I’m not an accessories junky. I have a pretty small collection of hair accessories and I have plenty of earrings but I have a pretty small rotation of about 4 studs. I haven’t worn dangly earrings since my Big Chop for some reason but I think I’ll have to rectify that and start wearing what I have. One thing I do admire is hair accessories. They can make an outfit a little dressier or can be something that is worn surreptitiously to catch people’s eye. I cannot wait for my hair to be long enough to wear a buns. Whether high or low, loose or tight, I love the idea of a big bold hair piece or even a simple, frilly addition to a hairstyle. I’ve found a couple online and some I may have to order for myself 🙂

I’ve provided the links below the caption in each photo.

*Just a note the images in this gallery are not mine but are representing the products as shown from the website.


3 thoughts on “Eye-Catching Accessories

    • As far as training goes, in my opinion, it’s about building up that endurance and the one way to do that is by running. So for my 10km I plan to run 5km add a couple of kms each week until I can successfully run my 10km and then I’m going to try to improve my time. But I also like to do yoga and build my strength and tone my muscles which all contribute to my running ability. I’m so excited for you training for a race! What’s the distance you’re going for?

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