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Me Lately

I made it to the gym this morning with E. She had her boyfriend’s truck so we didn’t have to bike there. That in itself was soo nice. Although biking would add to the whole fitness thing, it’s chilly out. I wish I had a vehicle of some sort. But! I am definitely not in the place to purchase/own one quite yet so that will have to wait. Anyway, I owned that treadmill. Had a good run and then we did some free-weights, some back work and then finished with stretches. It was a good 1.5 hours on this fine Saturday morning. I think I strained my hamstring, the muscle part under the knee, so I currently have a frozen banana under my knee which is quite effective. It’s only good for about 15 minutes then it starts to get soft so I’ll just toss it back in the freezer afterwards.

I really like the movement, stretching, strength used in yoga. When I went to the Y downtown I was a big fan of the yoga classes. I just love that it’s a quiet time to move slowly and be aware of what your body is doing, what your muscles are doing and just feeling strong! Actually.. now that I remember it I felt kind of weak. I remember my arms shaking while doing the Downward Dog pose —  but now I can do Downward Dog for longer and I’m good. Anyway, a studio downtown is offering a free hot yoga class. E and I are planning to go next Saturday for the 8am class. It’s first come first serve so we plan to be a little early. I’ve never done hot yoga and it looks sliiightly unpleasant with everyone dripping with sweat but I’ve heard good things about it and I think it would be worth a try. Plus, it’s free. The studio offering the class doesn’t even offer drop-in options, only memberships which are out of my price range. So here’s my chance to see what it’s all about. I will definitely make a post about it.

I finally bought a pair of boots this week. I’ve been giving boots the eye for a while now. They just look great and are good with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, all that. I found a pair of Steve Madden’s ‘Cassidy’ boots. No, they weren’t cheap but this was my little present to me. Ok, more because I got a tax rebate and I knew if I didn’t buy them then I would never really have a spare $160 lying around… so yeah. It’s an investment. I was looking for a boot that was under the knee with a low heel so I’m glad I got these cause they are perfect.

The office was closed for two weeks for Christmas break but Monday I am back at it. With my trusty boots I will be back at my desk sipping tea and all that.

Now that I’m back to my 9-5 I know I need lunches and breakfasts. Bad food choices always happen when I’m hungry and I don’t want to fuel myself with poor food. I usually steer clear of meat just because I’m not big on preparing it. So I may look for some simple recipes or just go for my usual risotto.

My hair is getting big which makes me oh-so-happy! I just washed it and now I’m sitting under a plastic bag/head scarf/towel deep conditioning. Gotta rinse out and put it in twists so that it’s dry and out for work tonight. I’ve been wearing my hair in a twist/braid-out daily now. It’s at the point where my hair is resting on my ears and neck. Aaah! Does this mean protective style time? I’m making my way towards Havana Twists. I need to do more research on upkeep/washing/sleeping with this but I think I’m going to order them next week. I just don’t know how many packs of hair to get! Any ideas?
After my trim a month ago my ends have been in good shape. That trim significantly reduced the number of knots and tangles I have which is what I was going for. Now my hair is big and healthy and I’m very content with its growth.

I think that’s it! Have a happy new year to you all!!


2 thoughts on “Me Lately

  1. Love the boots! I wish I could help you with the hair thing, but I don’t have a clue. My hair was really big!!! But I just recently got it cut because I am at the hot flashing age lol I regret cutting it now : ( I haven’t had a relaxer in 6 years and I had hair all over my head. I lost patience with it. No matter what, do not lose patience with what is most beautiful and most unique about us. Good luck with the protective hair style. I wish I could buy some hair, but I am sure I would rip it off in a flash ; )

    • I can only imagine how much work it is maintaining big hair. I can see myself getting a cut down the road once I’ve had it big for a while. So I will make the most of my medium hair right now haha! And thanks, I haven’t had extensions since I was… 18? So it will be an experience! 🙂

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