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Running — Getting Started

I’m not a trainer or an athletic know-it-all. These are mostly my insights and tips for those who want to start running or want to pick it up again.

Getting started is the hardest part. I’m currently in that runner’s lull. However, once you’re going, that ‘runner’s high’ will keep you going. Put your shoes on and hit the road. You’ll thank yourself.

1) Make sure your desire to run isn’t hinged on anyone. Do it for you. Having a running buddy is great but if you make plans and they bail, I know for me, I feel less willing to go. If I make plans to run on my own and a friend decides to join: the more the merrier.

2) Track your progress. Run a route, see how far it is and how long it takes you. Then run that route a couple of times more and see how you improve for time. Need a switch up? Run the route in the opposite direction. Then extend that route by adding a block or two. Keep extending that route.

3) Clothing. Let’s be honest here, you can run in anything. Don’t let clothes hold you back. Just make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable. I don’t want to spend time adjusting my clothes so if my shirt rides up then it’s no good. My running outfit of choice consists of leggings and a good fitting top. I’m normally okay with my fitness tanks that have a shelf bra. Go for whatever gives you the support you need. After running for a bit you will get warm. I don’t get how people run in full sweatshirt/sweatpants but I guess that’s why they call them sweatsuits…

4) Shoes. Go with what you have. When I started running I had my my grade 10 gym shoes. As I was running more I became aware of what I needed shoe-wise. I’m considering going for a new pair soon and I plan to go to a local running shop and getting fitted for shoes that are appropriate to my running terrain, size, comfort level and instep.

5) Warm-up. Get your muscles moving. Stretch or start out by walking for a bit.

6) Pace yourself. Don’t go full-tilt at the beginning or you’ll find yourself gasping halfway through. Something to look into later on is interval running.

7) Sign up for a race. Why not? You may surprise yourself. I’m planning to run a 10k in April. I just need to get those shoes on and get out the door.

8) Make yourself a bomb playlist. The right music can get you moving like you wouldn’t believe.

Have fun running! I’ll keep you updated with my running business so make sure to tell me how yours goes 🙂


3 thoughts on “Running — Getting Started

  1. Hey! Thanks for these tips. They definitely will help when I go running. I am going to take part in a marathon like you suggested. I wanted to ask how you go about training for it? Do i just run around or is there more?

  2. Great tips, especially 3 & 4. I just decided the other day to start the C25K program, but I’m stumped about what to wear and feel like I can’t start until I buy new things. But your post makes sense and has convinced me I just need to get out there.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 I’ve read about the C25K program and it looks like a great, comprehensive start. The hardest part is definitely getting started and I find something like getting the ‘right stuff’ for it, like clothes and the perfect runners only puts off actually doing it. Getting out there and seeing what you can do is the way to go! All the best and I hope to hear how you do!

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