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First Run! No Big Deal

This morning was my first run in a looong time. According to my Nike+ my last run was Nov 9. Ouch. This morning my roomie was the one to wake me, reminding me we had agreed the night before to run. It’s a little upsetting how I unconsciously hit snooze on my alarm. But 5 minutes later shoes were on, headphones in and we hit the pavement.

Now the last time we ran we made it up the hill and were both dying. Roomie T has been working out a lot at home so we anticipated going farther than last time but not being able to run my whole route! We surprised ourselves and just kept going! It was great! For me, we were running at her pace, which was slower than I usually run but allowed me to keep my breath and breathing regular and was a good, solid, steady, warming pace. But 3.43km later we were home and so jazzed that we made it!

I know I wished for a green Christmas but now I’m wishing for a green winter! To be able to run in a sweatshirt and leggings at 6am on the last day of the year in Canada is pretty amazing! *fingers crossed*

Happy running!


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