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How Much Is My Face Worth?

So the tag ‘How Much Is Your Face Worth?’ is an interesting and common post to read about from a variety of individuals and I was curious about my total. So I took my everyday makeup and we shall see what it comes to. Oh and this is in Canadian dollars.



Starting at the top I have:

1) Mascara [Maybelline Volume Express] – $8

2) Concealer [Stila] – $28

3) Eyebrow Pencil [Annabelle] – $8

4) Foundation [Cargo] – $20

5) Powder [Powder Fx] – $20

6) Eyeshadow [Revlon] $8

That totals $92! I should also include my moisturizer (I mix it with my foundation for a tinted moisturizer) which is about $7 for a total of $99. Aw yeah! Not bad actually. I will take it!

As far as my makeup development I only started using concealer this year and now it’s part of my daily routine. I mainly use it under my eyes and I find it brightens my face. I got it the same weekend I got my Big Chop. Normally I would be unwilling to spend nearly $30 on a makeup item especially something that’s 8ml but I felt like treating myself and I’m glad I did.

For my foundation I was introduced to this when shopping with my sister in the city. I was probably about 15 and I didn’t actually wear it a whole lot after I’d gotten it. When I did want to wear makeup though, I had this in my basket. I wore it more when I moved out and I was happy to actually find it in my city the first year. That store closed soon after and since then I’ve been ordering it online.

I don’t wear ‘pops of colour’ or anything for my daily wear. I stick to my browns and basically just look to enhance what I have. I wear a matte eyeshadow to give my lids a nice even look. Otherwise I just fill in my brows. I was not blessed with full eyebrows but I guess it saves me from having to maintain them. I can honestly say I have never done anything to my brows: no plucking, threading, shaping, trimming. I would tell my friend that in the mornings you wouldn’t know what mood I was in because I had no eyebrows to show my expression. So that’s where my pencil steps in.

So… how much is your face worth?



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