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Some Good Finds

I had a gift card to this grocery store on the other side of town (naturally) so I biked there yesterday and found Giovanni Leave-In Conditioner (hallelujah!) and it was on sale (now we’re talking) and then it had a coupon so it was an extra dollar off (high-five!) so of course I got two! However, I forgot to get coconut oil so I went back today with my friend and we picked some up. Now I’m sitting on my couch with a plastic bag and towel on my head. Three cheers for coconut oil pre-poos!

We had delicious sushi and then got some green tea from David’s Tea since we are running low and that stuff is gooood! I found a tea mug for half price. It has a removable infuser with a lid. It’s pretty perfect for work. So that was a great find.

We wandered around the mall and I half to say The Bay has really impressed me lately. I found three things (but one wasn’t on sale so it went back). One was this chunky sweater which I’m a huge fan of and the other is a sweater dress. I’ve been a fan of sweater dresses since getting Whitney Houston’s ‘My Love is Your Love’ album. Is it weird that I have insane clarity on the moment I wanted a sweater dress? Anyway I found one. They had it in burgundy, black and navy. I went for burgundy. Both the sweater dress and chunky sweater are from Dex Clothing, a Canadian company, who knew? Being Canadian it’s actually kind of refreshing to purchase something from a Canadian company.

Okay, so these were pretty impulse purchases. But I don’t regret buying them so I’m content with that πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Some Good Finds

  1. Love the sweater dress!!! πŸ™‚ Btw I wanna get into running and was hoping you could write a post on how to start and things to know before starting; kinda like a guide. Happy new year!! (Almost)

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