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I’m Just Making Some Liqueur

I have two weeks off from my internship this holiday break so I’ve been getting more shifts at my other job. It’s been working out quite well.

Tequila time!

Tequila time!

I’ve made quite a bit in tips which have all gone into my turtle bank (I’m not quite sure what I’m saving up for but it feels good to put something away).

My Turtle Bank

My Turtle Bank

I’ve also gotten quite a bit of goods. I work part time/when I can at a liquor store. My boss is pretty great. She’s in her early 60’s and has the best sense of humour. Anyway, for Christmas we each got to pick something for a gift and I chose some tequila. I don’t drink often (can’t afford the booze/hangover) but I do enjoy tequila so I was pretty happy to choose a little bottle of Patron. Yum!

She also got me this little make-at-home liqueur thing. It has dried cranberries and sugar bits in it and you add a dry white  wine or vodka, wait two days and it’s a tasty fruity liquer at the end. I got some wine today and we poured it in and now it’s in the fridge turning into something beautiful (I hope). I’ll let you know how it goes.

IMG_1688 IMG_1690I worked all through Christmas time and I’ll be working New Years too. I don’t mind really. It wasn’t realistic for me to go visit my parents this Christmas so I’m content making some money when I can. I hope your Christmas has been great.


2 thoughts on “I’m Just Making Some Liqueur

  1. Nice! I just completed and passed my thesis so I feel you on the tequila. I went for Patron margaritas right after I found out lol! And that make-at-home liquer things sounds like fun! Happy Holidays! Sip a little for me too.:-)

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