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Chocolate Dipped Yums!

I’m not sure how I’m going about Christmas gifting for my buddies. I need to keep my list fairly small and I’m still on the fence about who to get them for. I’m thinking my 2 friends L & S (will have to go by mail) and then my 2 co-workers. My one co-worker was very sweet and gave us a Starbucks gift card. I’m not big on baking so that’s not going to happen. I do however love to make (and eat) chocolate dipped gummy worms.

Update: Alright, I kicked L & S off the list. L I will hopefully be seeing for her 25th birthday in January and I can spoil her then and S just got married in August soo… her and her hubby are still rolling around in the glow of newlyweds. I think they’re good 😛 My co-workers however would likely appreciate these goodies 🙂


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