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Natural Hair Goal: Do You Have One?

When I started on my natural hair journey I was pretty much relieved to start fresh. I no longer had limp, fried hair. My hair wasn’t broken or damaged. It was short, easy to care for and completely mine. In the weeks leading up to my Big Chop I remember looking up something along the lines of whether black girls could grow their hair long. I stumbled on ‘Black Girls Long Hair’ and Kimmaytube among others. All of a sudden I was introduced to these women, these real life people who were challenging what I thought I knew. I thought my hair couldn’t ‘handle’ length. That it was just naturally brittle and fragile. But why would my hair need to be straight to grow? Curly hair grows too. I was excited to see these women without relaxers with such long hair. It was something to look forward to.

Is my ultimate goal to have Waist Length hair? No. I hardly remember all of the acronyms for hair lengths. The longest my hair ever reached while relaxed was shoulder length. That’s where the fun ended. But now—as long as I take care of my hair I’m not really limited. That’s a pretty great realization. Considering how much my hair has grown already it’s also pretty exciting!

Through watching videos and reading blogs I can understand the longer your hair is the more time and effort is needed to take care of it. Detangling itself is a commitment. Keeping those strands moisturized is a commitment. But there are also more options for styling I find. My goal is to have healthy, full hair. After that, I think it would be nice to pass my previous hair length of shoulder-length. After that, cool. But my ultimate, rewarding moment, I think, will be when my natural length surpasses that of my relaxed length.






8 thoughts on “Natural Hair Goal: Do You Have One?

  1. I just want healthy hair. That is my goal. I want healthy natural hair that I have learned to love and appreciate. I used to HATE my hair despite the compliments I would get. It was thick and long growing up but I wanted thin and curly. I have learned to like it sometimes but I want to love it all the time but since its damaged right now it’s hard to love. I want my thick and natural curl pattern back.

    • Yep, I agree, healthy hair is so important. You can’t really achieve anything if your hair isn’t being looked after. Isn’t that funny that you wanted the exact opposite of what you had? I thought similar. It’s pretty amazing that we can realize what we have is amazing spectacular 🙂

    • practice steam treatments with a hot towel wrapped around your head and use doo-gro products for thinning hair at least 4 times a week and keep your hair in protective styles for a couple months. Never comb or style your hair when its dry. Always comb and style wet and tie it up every night. That should do the trick. Remember Doo-gro products only.

  2. Great post, I big chopped in September and to think about it now I didn’t really have hair goals. I just thank God for the hair on my head to begin with! It’s fun to see that it actually grows and that in its natural state is so versatile. Maybe I will just concentrate on keeping my hair healthy, that will be my hair goal. Great post and I love the curls you did! God bless x

    • I’m also thankful to know that the hair that grows out of my head is beautiful and so versatile. The things you can do with this crown, man, my arms hurt just thinking about it! haha 🙂 Healthy hair accentuates everything beautiful about the person who wears it. Very rewarding. Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂

  3. I have never really had any problems with my hair (as relaxed) neither do i now, apart from the annoying fairy knots that i have in my hair right now. But my goal is to have a little bit past shoulder length hair. 9months natural now an’ counting… 🙂

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