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Biking In The Cold and Rain! Feeling Has Returned To My Limbs

I didn’t get to go for a bike ride last weekend because my biking buddy E wasn’t feeling well. So, you’d better believe I was up and at ’em this morning to make up for lost time. We met at 7:30am to ride to the neighbouring town. It was a cool morning. Felt like late fall. It was barely raining, no problem.

We start off and it’s a paved trail so things are good. What was great about this trip was there were no hills to conquer. It was actually a pretty gentle ride. The trail itself could use some more signs for directions. There were about three times we stopped and second guessed our direction but we didn’t end up going to the wrong way which was good. Anyway, the pavement ended and we were on a wide gravel trail with farmland on either side of us. There were geese, swans and ducks having a party along the way. The gravel was fine but it was getting a little muddy. Not so bad for me but not so great for E who does not have fenders.

So we’re going and laughing and chatting and after an hour and a bit we laugh about our toes going numb and our fingers and how wet it is out. Then about half an hour later we’re asking ‘Are we there yet?!’ We get to this portion where there’s a gas station and a McD’s so we think, we’re pretty numb, cold, wet and could just use a hot drink. We’re about half an hour from the town but we given in and stop at McD’s to dry off and warm up with some coffee. Good chat, hot(ish) drinks and we’re back on the road. After our drinks and feeling warm we decide that we’re going to bus back with our bikes.

Gorgeous view on the bike to town. We’re biking alongside the ocean, there are colourful sailboats in the distance enjoying the solid breeze.

Finally we arrive and we lug ourselves into town and stumble into a warm cafe/coffee shop. The guy behind the counter can’t believe where we’ve biked from. Aah! Soup and sandwich later we realize when the bus is coming. It’s on Sunday schedule so it’s less frequent than during the week. You should have seen how fast we packed up and headed out haha!

On the bus and headed home. Soo nice to be warm. As soon as I got home I turned on the heat, jumped in the shower and I’m now sitting in flannel pants, PJ shirt and my flannel housecoat. Soooo niiiice. Made a smoothie too.

Anyway, I think that was our last adventure bike ride for 2012! It was a great time and I’m glad we got to do it. I have really really enjoyed biking around my town and it’ll be nice to do that bike ride again when it’s a little warmer.

Happy Sunday and happy biking! 🙂

PS: Oh yeah! On our bike ride, through farmlands, among an assortment of heavenly smells (yuck) was the BIGGEST pig I have EVER seen. I didn’t realize they grew so large. This guy may look small but he rivaled a Mini Cooper.

One massive pig.

One massive pig.


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