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Bantu Knots, Poodles and Products!

My new favourite overnight style. I like the bigger knots with less definition and more of a stretched look. I like having my hair tucked away during the night, I think it holds moisture better. It also makes my morning styling session faster.

Oh! Monday a guy at work brought his dogs in for the afternoon. They were both standard poodles and they were super chill and friendly. The office kinda smelled like dog after a while though… Anyway. I was petting the white one and he had his little poodle puff on top and I couldn’t help but think.. this feels strangely familiar…

They’re lovely dogs, moreso when they’re not styled for a dog show. Those poodle cuts are so strange…

Oh! So I went to Wal-Mart to get some hair products. I got shea butter and a bottle of deep conditioner. Perfect. Just wanted to show what they have to offer. Kind of slim picking as far as puddings, creams, no-poo shampoo and conditioner. I also went to Save-On because they sell Giovanni products and I have no leave-in conditioner aaaand apparently neither did they. I was nooot impressed. They had Giovanni shampoo/conditioner out the ying yang but not the one product I wanted. Guess that’s how it goes right?


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