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Post-Trim Thoughts

It may seem completely ridiculous that I am having a discussion about trimming my hair. But I had a bit of anxiety going in so I think it’s good to talk about my experience. My last post was about trimming my hair and this one covers the after.

I had been looking at trimming natural hair vlogs and blogs and I wasn’t convinced. First off, I wasn’t sure that I needed a trim (wrong). I went through my strands and I legitimately did not find a lot of split ends but I found quite a bit of single strand knots. Now single strand knots don’t mean my hair is damaged really… it means that my hair is curling up on itself. Maybe it’s my method of combing my hair through? I’m not sure. I need to do more research on that. I do think, however, that these SSKs were contributing to my hair getting a little knotty at the ends. Don’t want that.

Vlogs were showing me that if you hair was thinning at the ends you would want to trim. My hair wasn’t thinning. In fact my hair was a thicker bush at the end than it was throughout. What does that mean? From what I could tell it means my hair was probably a bunch of SSKs and because of how the strand changes direction after the knot this thickness was just a bunch of wayward strands. I could definitely afford to lose those. So what I did was two strand twist my whole head. Then I take one twist, twist it solidly while pulling it taught and moving my fingers near the end and taking a sharp scissors and cutting it off. Some people just take a section and spritz it with water and pull it taught and cut. Afterwards they put it in twists. But my hair isn’t long enough that I felt comfortable doing it that way. I liked that I could pull my twist and see the ends fine. But! I did have my friend help me so yeah.

Check out one of the videos I watched here.

So today I took out my twists and normally when I take them out, I’m embarrassed to say, I would have to like.. detangle the ends. The roots and mid part were find when I was separating the individual twists to fluff out my hair but when it got to the end I would sometimes have to pull my hair apart. That should have been my first clue. Now I pull the strands apart for volume and my fingers go right through to the ends. That’s how it should be. My hair feels great.

So trimming was a win for me! I’m not going to add it to my regimen as in 8 weeks from now I’m going to do it again. I’m going to pay closer attention to my hair and trim when needed. This may be 3 months from now or 6. But I’m going to pay closer attention to my ends and make sure they’re in good condition. I also need to do my part in avoiding SSKs. More deep conditioning is in my future as well as pre-pooing.


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