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My Flat-Twist Attempt

Here is where you will witness the crude, rough attempt at flat-twists. I was about a minute into a YT flat-twist tutorial when I decided to just give it a go. And here I am 30 minutes later. I did this on semi-dry hair and by that I mean I spritzed my hair lightly with water before twisting.

Now clearly these twists are quite… puffy and not well anchored. I understand the concept no problem. Over, under, add more, over, under, add more. Got it. But the technique, the coordination of my fingers is a whole other story. I was always intimidated by hairstyles like this. Flat-twists are like the easier version of cornrows. Now cornrows I don’t understand the concept of. I know it’s a continued braid but I just can’t wrap my mind around how it works. And if I can’t get my mind around it good luck getting my fingers to do it right. So flat-twists I feel, are my achievable version of cornrows. I hope this makes for a good flat-twist out tomorrow morning. I’m excited to see regardless of how it turns out. I’ll make sure to add pics of that after!


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