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Bike Riding Awesomeness!

Just got back from an amazing ride with my friend E. We left home at about 8:40am and I got back about 12:40pm.. Solid four hours. Well, there was a Timmy’s stop but that’s just how we do. It was a great ride. We did the same route and went a bit farther. Hung out at the ocean, watched people feeding swans, ducks, geese, seagulls, pigeons. Everything with feathers and wings were out there. And it was such a beautiful day. I’m so fortunate, it’s nearly December but it was felt like early fall.

There was one hill that just about did me in. It was steeeeeep. I got about halfway but then we just walked our bikes up.

Oh! And the swans were intense. I wasn’t about to get to close. This one bunch, it was the grandparents and two kids and the one kid was hiding behind his grandma as she was feeding the swans. And there were two swans close to her on either side of her. So the poor kid was hiding and he would peek around one side and there would be a swan staring down at him (the swan was legit taller than this kid, no wonder he was scared), and he would peep around the other side to see another swan checking him out. Not cool Grams. Anyway, here’s some pics for ya.


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