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What I’ve Been Up To

Heeeey! Checking in. I’m gonna break it down for ya:


Life has consisted of being at work and being at home. Regular stuff right? Last night I was in bed by 8:30pm. I don’t really know why.. I just had this overwhelming urge to lie down. So I did. I think I fell asleep an hour later? So that was a long sleep. I remember waking up at 2am completely awake then talking myself back into sleeping. Work has been good and Saturday I’m going for a long bike ride with E. I haven’t seen Hermie since Sunday… I’ve missed biking.


Rocco’s a star. I’ve been doing a good job managing my mane. I’ve been putting it in big chunky twists or braids. Not for the purpose of having a braid/twist-out but more to keep him in his stretched state and not sleeping with him out to get smooshed against my head in the night. Tonight I am washing my hair. It’s getting close to three weeks. I just want to get rid of the build-up which I’m sure is happening. I think I’ll start with an ACV rinse and then do a no-poo and conditioner. And then I’ll put him in braids. I don’t really have the time/energy to try to flat-twist so this will do for now. Regardless, Rocco’s been in pretty great shape.

I wore a full fro to work yesterday. I had a snazzy part to the right to kind of separate the magnificent roundness of it. No comments, or side-eye so y’know, can’t go wrong with it. What’s kind of funny is I’m working away and such and we have this creative company downstairs who works with us on some projects and they come upstairs to use our kitchen. And a couple of these boys have ‘fros more impressive than mine. Really! The guy I was working with today had a pretty great blonde fro happening. Not gonna lie I was a little jealous by its magnitude but I’m sure I’ll get there soon! haha


A couple of posts ago I mentioned developing my style and not being constricted to a uniform. While that’s still the case, I mean, it’s pretty great being able to wear whatever I want, I’m really happy that the office is pretty casual. Jeans are allowed *phew* and sweaters and whatever. But because it’s so freaking cold in the place, I have been all over the long sleeved shirts, the sweaters, the cardigans. Comfort and warmth is my ‘style’ right now and I am soooo okay with that. Really.

All in all I’m just doing my thing. I’ve been really good at starting my mornings with yoga. I like having that in my routine. And green tea. Loooove having a cup of green tea while I do my makeup/hair in the bathroom. I like my morning drill. Tomorrow’s a bit lame.. end of the week so I don’t really wanna stock up on crap… so I have one egg left… no lunch meat… no condiments either– OH YEAH!!!! I just realized today that both my mustard AND mayo are BOTH expired. And by expired I mean expiiiiiiiiired like August… how nasty is that?! What’s gross is that I already had the mustard spread before I realized but I still made a sandwich out of it because I could not cope with having to buy something… plus I had had it the past three days so whatever… bring on the illness… but yeah. Tomorrow I’m getting a lunch from Timmie’s on my way to work and calling it a day. Eff.

Otherwise, this week is nearly over and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve gotten good feedback from work so I’m happy about that. Happy Thursday to you all and happy thanksgiving to my American readers.



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