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Work :)

My new job is in a temporary office. It’s a large character home with two floors and we’re on the top floor. They weren’t kidding when they said that place was freezing. Brr.. I had goosebumps for most of the time. I am wearing my full sleeved cardigan tomorrow.

I’m going to stay away from blogging too much about work. It’ll be a part of my life like anything else but not something I feel I need to de-construct. I will say it was a good day. I did some work using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign and it was comforting to know how much of it came back so quickly. I was able to create a document in not too long, incorporating some good publishing techniques as well as improvising my way to a certain look. It worked out. I’m excited to go back tomorrow.

One thing I’m a little worried about however is the amount of time I’m sedentary. I get there and I pretty much sit the entire day. And I eat my lunch at my desk… and then I come home and I sit. So if I’m eating and sitting… my body is going to just load on the pounds I can just feel it. It’s what happened in my final year of college. It was gradual, and it was not fun. A couple months after grad and I’m looking at pictures of myself and you can clearly see it in my face. Ugh, pass. So I’m going to get in the habit of getting in some cardio/yoga in the mornings before hand. Cardio can be jumping rope (love living above a garage), mountain climbers, knee kick things, and yoga is gonna keep me limber and really stretching my muscles. But I am determined not to let myself get lazy. Oh! And going on a biking adventure with E this weekend (fingers crossed it doesn’t rain). 30km? Let’s do it!

Otherwise, it was a great day at the office 😉


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