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Now That’s What I Call A Day Off!

It’s not quite 3pm and I’ve had a great day! My friend E and I planned to ride this local bike trail in the morning. The GG trail is 95% paved. At least the portion we rode was. We did about 13km each way and it was AMAZING! We started off at about 8:30am, and rode to the university I just graduated from. It was a beautiful ride. There were portions that were next to the road, portions surrounded by trees, spots where we’d cross on a bridge as an enthusiastic stream rushes beneath us. There were other bikers whizzing by and others greeting us. At one point we thought we had gone too far but we hadn’t and we were greeted by Tim Horton’s. Hot drink and a bagel. And then off again. My school has one insane hill to go down so I was definitely laying on my brakes but then the ocean!! Definitely a sight I have missed coming to daily.

I was commenting about the baby peacocks that were on campus while I had been there. We were riding by the library when I thought, maybe I’ll just take a peek. Around the corner of the library was the baby peacock and the mom perched! Got a few pics of them. Soo cute!

We biked a little farther to the ocean front. Really it’s a lagoon, but on the other side of the roadway separating it is the ocean. We said next bike ride we were going cross that roadway. Having a lagoon on one side and the Pacific on the other would be an amazing sight!

Off again and we made good time back to town. E suggested we head to soak in her hot tub. No way I was saying no to that. Stopped by my place, got my swim suit (which I have just remembered I should get out of my bag… check!) and we jumped into the hot tub. Suuuuch a nice soak and my muscles are thanking me. I had to do some banking and I debated whether I should save it for tomorrow but I thought, nope, let’s get it done. So I biked  down which didn’t take long, did my banking and biked home. I think it’s safe to say: I. Love. Biking!!!

I have this amazing new-found sense of freedom!! And I feel so great! I mean, there were quite a few hills but I just geared down (or up?) and I just pedalled like a mad woman and then I was at the top and could fly down!! I think I’m feeling the cycler’s high but it’s just what I need. Here’s some pics!


2 thoughts on “Now That’s What I Call A Day Off!

    • I’m sooo glad I got one. It has saved me money and I feel very accomplished biking places, not to mention the workout. My legs are thanking me! Even without scenery I’m sure you’ll find yourself noticing things you otherwise wouldn’t. There’s a gorgeous mural on the trail that I am determined to get a photo of. I would never have seen it otherwise 🙂

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