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Another Day

Sluggish day at the gym today. I overate last night.. I know that for a fact. I gave that treadmill 75%. I was not feeling it. I did do my part on floor exercises though. Lunges, planks, stretching, that arm machine. One thing I am getting a kick out of and that’s biking. I biked to the gym at 7:30am, worked out til 9am and biked home to shower and change then biked to work for 11am a quick 4 hour shift. And I was early to work! Seriously, I’m loving that I can get places so quickly.

It was raining on my way home but my fenders are doing an awesome job of keeping my backpack/jacket clean. It didn’t bother me to be a little damp when I got home. It’s the sniffles I get from being inside 5 minutes after that annoys me. But tis the season. All in all Hermie has been a great pal. So happy to have him.

I’m going to have some tea tonight, and some soup for dinner and relax and braid my hair. *yaaaawn*


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