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This Bike Business Is Adding Up

I was just looking at my future friend and the bike only comes with.. the bike. I would still need to purchase:

Bike carrier frame for the back ~ $30-$60
Bottle holder ~ $10-$25
Mud guards (it rains like crazy here, I’d be dumb not to have a mud guard) ~ $25-50
Lights (for visibility, maybe some reflective tape would be good too) ~ $30-$50
Lock (and a good one too if I’ma be spending all this money on the bike)
Bell (I need peeps to know I’m coming, aight?) ~ $9-$15

Holy Hannah. When I was a kid (and yes, I guess I was purchasing a kids’ bike) they came with kickstands, bottle holders, my one bike had a rear rack and all that jazz.

I know for sure I’ll sign up for a helmet, lock and flashy lights and (hopefully) mud guards cause that’s all safety and the mud guards will keep my clothes clean, later on I’ll invest in a bell, carrier frame for the back and water bottle holder.


So I was a little chagrined to do all this research and realize the add-ons I would have to purchase for my bike but then I went to another bike shop today and was pleasantly surprised. I was fitted for a bike according to my height and in-seam. I rode a test/measurement bike to determine my comfort and how I rode. According to my price range she picked out three bikes that would work best for me. They ranged from $499-$699 (I’m liking the sounds of $499).

I then asked her about the extra add ons and such and she went through a bunch of them for me. If I purchase the bike there any accessories I buy will be 10% off. That’s a good start. She also estimated my add-ons would likely come to about $100-150 which is okay. When I asked her about locks, helmets, mud guards all the prices she quoted were less than I had expected. Also, with the purchase of a bike they throw in a water bottle holder and water bottle for free. Perfect!

She also talked about other stuff like if I wasn’t happy with my seat they could exchange that easily, or tires if I wanted something with more/less tread. She also discussed anti-theft devices (which I was very interested in). She suggested having the seat bolted on which they could do. And she pointed out some lock options that would be helpful. They also give the first 3 tune-ups free!

I’m going to go back on Friday and test ride some bikes. I may even purchase my bike on Friday *gasp*. For add-ons I plan to go home with mud guards installed, lock, helmet and lights. Lock is kind of optional right now because the two places I’m riding to (work and home) I plan to leave my bike inside where it’s secure and not outside. So, if I can afford to put the lock in when I purchase my bike, that’s awesome, otherwise it will wait for another day which is okay. But I don’t want to go without the mud guards (to keep my clothes clean), lights (so I’m visible on the road) and my helmet (cause.. it’s the law).

I have the day off Friday so the sooner I get my bike the sooner I can spend the WHOLE day riding it!!!! Yay!!!!!


2 thoughts on “This Bike Business Is Adding Up

  1. I did so much research before I bought my bike. In the end, I had to order from the US to get what I wanted. Luckily, I have someone who can bring things up from Seattle for me. Bring you bike to Vancouver and we can go for a ride!

    • Aah I can understand that. Bike shopping was tough but I test rode and did some research. My price point was pretty basic so I wasn’t overwhelmed with options haha. But I did find one and I get to pick it up tomorrow! It’s a Cannondale? Can’t wait to take it out and I would looove to bike in Van with you! So many scenic places for a bike ride.

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