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Is It Cheaper To Have Natural Or Relaxed Hair…?

I came across this question online and it made me wonder… Am I spending less money on my hair now or am I spending more than when I was relaxed?

I want to say I’m spending less now (of course I do..) so let’s have a breakdown for one year:

Relaxer kit 3-4 times at $15 = $45-60
Hair Cut twice a year = $100
Shampoo/Conditioner 9 of each a year? at $10 for a set = $90

Hair cut = $25 for BC and free since
Shampoo/Conditioner = $20 for Shea Moisture set which will last me a year and then $5 for conditioner 6 times a year = $30 so $50
Accessories (hair bands, clips, ties, curlformers): $65
Misc: (shea butter, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner) = $80

So from that I get $235-250 for relaxed hair and $215 for natural hair. There’s not a whole lot of difference, I’ll be honest. Of course with relaxed hair I didn’t include the flat iron and blow dryer which I have omitted from my natural hair care practice.

I was trying to be honest with myself here. Of course I want to hear that my new way of life is both healthier and cheaper but in the end… the price for healthy hair (in my case, since you can have healthy relaxed hair too?) is invaluable and natural hair will always be worth it for me.

I’m also aware that natural hair products can be quite expensive. I think it helps that I’m not a product junkie.

What about you? Was it cheaper to have relaxed hair or natural hair? And is it worth it?


3 thoughts on “Is It Cheaper To Have Natural Or Relaxed Hair…?

  1. Natural can be expensive too. I have been natural most of my life. (wanting to forget the perm I got in the 5th grade. I never wanted t and was angry when I got it) But spending money on products and going to the shop to get your hair done right and getting braided by the right person.is expensive. Now when you cut out the heat styles and start doing things yourself like I am learning to do then it’s much cheaper. I stopped heating my hair after my hair starting falling out after my New Years style this year. I think I am pretty done with being product junkie after this last jar of Miss Jessies and a few other products. I’m really trying to figure it all out myself and it’s cheaper.

    • It really does depend. For me, when I had relaxed hair it was heat styling like crazy, and a few cuts and the cheap box of relaxer from the drug store. Now with natural hair it’s cheap conditioner and hair accessories. I think I’ve always been pretty frugal and not very daring when it comes to my hair, not even colour so for me going natural was also downsizing where I could. But I agree with you, doing things yourself is cheaper and you learn soo much more. And sticking to what you know works for your hair is a major bonus.

  2. Reblogged this on afrodite and commented:
    Interesting read. I’ve also heard that natural hair is cheaper than having relaxed hair, but I’d like to agree that they are about the same. Whether your hair is relaxed or natural, healthy hair should be your primary concern, so the money you spend on conditioner and such should be about the same. I’ve heard all the comparisons: easier, cheaper, less time; but really it just comes down to your preference.

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