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Trimming My Ends

This is one topic I haven’t even touched on or mentioned! Or have I… regardless, I haven’t done it. I’ve been natural for 7.5 months now and I have yet to trim my hair. I have been researching the crap out of this topic because I have NO idea which direction I should go. To trim or not to trim?

When I was ‘relaxed’…
I didn’t trim on a schedule or anything. I had this cycle down that went a little like this:

1) Relax hair
2) Wait a week or two for it to settle into its new state of relaxedness
3) Get a haircut

Now, I didn’t do this all the time, but because of the breakage my hair was never nice and even. I didn’t get my hair relaxed in a salon (too much money and I hate how harsh the chemicals were there) so I did it at home. I’d wait about a week for my hair to get over the initial shock and then I would go to a salon and get the simplest cut I could. I would usually tell them to ‘even it out’ which always ended up differently since I never went to the same salon twice.

Now it’s different. My hair isn’t long enough that I can pull it down and inspect the ends myself. From what I can see I haven’t seen many split ends. Some SSKs for sure but not a lot of split ends. When I braid or twist my hair, the ends are usually fuller and puffier. But if my hair was damaged or breaking then the ends would be thinner right? So, I’m not sure. Recently I took a good look at my ends, the ones near the nape of my neck where they make contact with clothes. I didn’t see any split ends… Really. So does that mean I’m in the clear? I think they’re worth re-visiting in a bit. I don’t plan to trim if I don’t need to but also I feel like chances are after what’s almost 8 months of being natural, my ends may need some refreshing.

When was your first trim post BC? Did you do it yourself, enlist someone’s help or go to a salon? Did you trim hair in twists or braids or just by taking sections?

Update: I ended up trimming my hair Nov 29. You can read about it here.


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