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I Got Curlformers!

Finally! I had been looking at Curlformers for the last few weeks and finally got them. I was so happy when they arrived in the mail. I put three in that night just to see. They were fairly simple to use actually. Maybe that’s because I put them in the front part of my hair, things may get trickier when I’m working on the back of my hair. I didn’t get any pictures but I plan on doing my whole head tonight and I will post pics to go with that. The curls I got in the morning were amazing! They were soft and bouncy and shiny!

Oh yeah, I got a pack of short and wide ones. I was worried my hair would grow out of it but man, I thought my hair was getting longer but they take up about 1/8 of the Curlformer. I’ll have these for at least a year depending on how my hair grows and retains length. So pleased with them and I’m excited to see what my whole head looks like tomorrow. I’ll be honest, they’re not incredibly comfy to sleep on but the results are great and I don’t plan on doing them too often so I’m not worried.

If you can see in the pics below, I thought my hair was getting longish but they only take up the first loop of the Curlformer. This is actually good because that means I have that much more length to go before I outgrow these. So I don’t mind that at all. Oh and for this one I only used 20 Curlformers which is only half of them. So I think I need to go for smaller sections.

Curlformers Are In!


5 thoughts on “I Got Curlformers!

  1. I know you are so happy.I can’t wait to see your curls. I have been thinkng about these too but I’m more set on Havana Twist. i have been watching Youtube videos and practicing my technique on old packs of hair. I’m almost ready!

    • Thanks, very excited, but I feel like my hair is not quite long enough to get the best results out of these but that’s okay. How long have you been natural for? I think I’m going to keep Havana Twists in mind for the new year. I can’t wait to see yours when you do them 🙂

  2. My mother bamboozled me when i was in the 5th grade and relaxed my hair. She told me relaxer because I told her I ddin’t want a perm. I didn’t know the difference. My hiar fell out and I never ever did it again so in my mind I have been natural all my life lol I really do not want to count that stupi stupid mistake. When I think about it I still get upset lol! Silly I know…

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