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The Best Beginning To Any Week

Alright, it’s official! I’m a grad. I had my convocation ceremony this morning and it was great. I got my cap and gown that morning and had everything on but the cap. I waited until I was in the theatre before getting that thing on. Thankfully my roomie reminded me to bring bobby pins. So I stuck that cap on as best I could, I could feel it wasn’t 100% secure so I stuck the pins on either side and I was good to go. It looked just fine!

My parents and brother came over for my big day. My parents arrived Monday afternoon and took me grocery shopping (yay!) and my brother arrived that evening. It was soo nice and chill. And after we got groceries we bought a 6 pack of yummy local beer. I felt like such an adult cracking open a beer with my parents after dinner while watching a movie. It such an amazing feeling and place to be. Today was fun. We went to visit my sister-in-law and niece. My bro was working all day but it was all good. We stopped by his work to say hi. My niece is adoooorable! She was so excited to see everyone. She’s 16 months and so much fun! She was running around and putting her PJ pants that my mom gave her on her head and squeaking and just having the best time. She made all of us laugh.

And-and-AND!!! I have an interview!!! AN INTERVIEW!!! On Friday. I kiiiind of want to pinch myself cause it seems to good to be true. And it’s in town. And it’s about 5 blocks away. I mean… I don’t have to travel. I could potentially be working in my town! Ok ok. Gotta chill. The position is: Marketing and Communications Assistant and it’s with an ‘international event & process facilitation firm’. Yes yes. It’s a: ‘Full Time Employment, Internship/Practicum’ It’s an internship but it is paid. I wondered if I needed to still be in school to apply. But I don’t see how one could be in school and work here full time. I guess if there was the summer break where they needed an internship job. However I was contacted for an interview and so I am very excited.

So now I’m going to research their company like a crazy person tonight, print off my application and assemble my portfolio tomorrow and research again and try on my interview clothes tomorrow. Perfect. Goodnight all.

PS: I got a long sleeved workout top so I hope to Hannah I’ve got what it takes to go for a run tomorrow morning!


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