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The Graduation Battle

I hope each of you get to experience the act of putting on a graduation cap. Mortarboard and pestle it’s called… for reasons unknown to me (I should find out…) Regardless it’s a special act with a lot of symbolism behind it. My parents are driving 20 hours to come see me (and do other things haha) But my mom refused to miss this day. I’m the second person in my family to receive a Bachelor’s Degree other than my dad so it’s an exciting time.

But the challenge comes in when I have to stick that ‘one size fits all’ cap onto my head. Now I have scoped out the experiences of others on YT. This one from SugaStormBabi made me laugh! In empathy of course.. She has a loot more hair than I do but I worry slightly about the ‘poof’ that will unavoidably happen. I’m not going to straighten my hair and again! I hope the parents will be content with my wearing that cap only when I cross the stage. But I’m sure they will want pictures with everyone with it on. That’s cool.


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