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Why I Love Fall

Fall is great. I get to wear boots! I get to wear scarves! I get to wear toques and beanies (although I’ll have to see how Rocco manages fitting into those things). Can’t forget tea and hot chocolate and mulled wine and apple cider! Oh! And Pumpkin beer! Quite a few local breweries bring out pumpkin beer around this time and they are deeeelicious! And winter beer too. Hints of vanilla and all that goodness. Yum yum! Oh! And plus I went thrifting and found this adorable cream button up cable knit sweater for $8.50. Can’t find that in the mall. Holler!

And the weather is crisp. It’s cool but not overly cold. I can see my breath and I step on leaves on my way to work. The leaves don’t crunch cause they’re soaking wet from days of rain. But they’re still there. And if you lean on the rails overlooking the park you can watch leaves detach and descend to the ground. Kind of like snow. Fall’s just so cozy. Or maybe it’s the season where if you decide to stay inside instead of go out no one can call you a homebody. haha!

Oh! Oh! Aaaand my family’s going to be here tomorrow!! Yes yes! Mom, dad and big brother! My convocation is on Tuesday so they will be here tomorrow and we are going to have a whole lot of fun 🙂 Eee!! Happy days!


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