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I Want To Give My Mom A Twist-Out

I think she’d let me… maybe I’ll do it the night before she leaves. Cause it’ll look AWESOME!!! And because I want to be the one doing her hair. She’s done my hair for years. She’s taken good care of it and now that I’m all grown up and taking care of my own hair I want to do her hair for once. She’s my favourite. I can’t wait to see her!!!


2 thoughts on “I Want To Give My Mom A Twist-Out

  1. It’s crazy how you created this post . I have been braiding my aunts hair w/o extensions for about 5 months. I’ve gotten her from neck length to 3 inches away from Apl. Of course I have limitations because she is stuck in her ways Hehe, but I was able to sneak in some moisturizer under her grease today .. she was the one that took care of my hair when I was a kid so its only right that I pamper her the same way. I hope your mom let you create a twist out for her..I know it will be awesome

    • Aw, she’s lucky to have you! I was going to give my mom a twist-out but she changed her mind. My grad was the next day and she wasn’t sure about sporting a new hairstyle for pictures and stuff so she stuck with her usual and twisted my hair instead. You would totally understand the feeling of having someone take care of your hair and then returning the favour. Maybe when I see my mom next I’ll give it a try. There’s something about doing someone’s hair.. it’s just a moment for me.. appreciation, closeness, love, it’s a great feeling 🙂

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