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The Curly Girl Method– Not Entirely For Me

I think I’ve been doing a modified version of the Curly Girl Method. I borrowed the CG Handbook from the library. It even came with a DVD! Aaaand yeah. I’ve picked some things up from other girls that were part of the CG routine and that has worked for me but some aspects of this method were a no-go.

Aspects of the CG method I use:
1) Co-washing: my best friend

2) No-Poo shampoos: Shampoos free from silicones and sulfates

3) Massaging the scalp

4) Pre-poo

Aspects of the CG method I don’t incorporate

1) No combs/brushes: Yeah… this is great in theory but I know for a fact that if I don’t run anything through my strands I will develop little sausauge coils. And mostly on the right side of my head. Now those aren’t fun and if I let them go to long without doing anything they will turn into some sort of hybrid locs and I’ll never get them out. That being said, finger detangling is great but it’s usually my first step before the wide toothed comb. Unlike the other curlies, I do need my curls separated so that they don’t wrap around each other and create SSKs.

2) Leaving some of the rinse out conditioner in you hair: I did this yesterday and it didn’t feel good. No siree Bob. My hair was wet for hoooours afterwards. And it was cold wet. I don’t want my hair to stay cold and wet hours after I’ve showered. So no on that front.

All in all it’s not a bad method. I just take what works for me and adapt what doesn’t and voila! A CurlyPotential modified CG Method 😉


2 thoughts on “The Curly Girl Method– Not Entirely For Me

  1. Finger detangling takes practice. I tried it when I first went natural and my hair gave it the side-eye. It wasn’t until my 2nd year of being natural that I tried it again and finally mastered the skill. It works best with plenty of conditioner with good slip. Don’t be too quick to say a technique doesn’t for you. Sometimes it just takes practice. Try it again down the line and see if it works.

    • Thank you for your comment!! I have to agree. At this stage in my natural hair journey finger detangling isn’t my thing. Maybe with more length. From root to tip isn’t a great distance right now, so I find it easier to use a comb, it also stretches out my hair so I can twist it. However, when I do run into a knot I’m more likely to set the comb down and work it out with my fingers.
      I never use to wash my hair in sections either but now that I’m in that in-between stage I’ve found it makes life a lot easier. So my routine will likely be re-shapen as I have more hair to deal with. But I’ll be revisiting the finger detangling in the future 🙂

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