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So I Ordered…

Okay I did it. I ordered Curlformers. I was conflicted between Curlformers and Havana Twists but I think for now I’m going to go in the direction of Curlformers. And of course 5 minutes after I ordered them I’m wondering if my hair is too short… ugh! No matter. My hair is only growing so it’ll be okay. I got the short and wide ones and I’ll be honest I didn’t get them from the site. The 40 pack + shipping and handling would have come to over $60… I wasn’t willing to shell out that much money for curlers. I found them on eBay for half that so I went with those. I’m excited to try them out!

I also ordered (I know… I know) a Denman brush. I have done the research and found it at a comfortable price on eBay as well. So I have two items heading my way in the mail. I’ll let you know what I think of both of these products.

In the meantime I realized I didn’t have to buy ‘The Curly Girl Method’ by Lorraine Massey when I could get it at the library. The four copies were out (naturally) so I put a hold on one. Here’s hoping I get my hands on that book soon. I’ve read a lot from others about what the book is about but I really want to go through the pages myself and read everything myself.

Hope you guys had a restful weekend!

Update: Got my Denman Brush. Here’s what I thought -> Review


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