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It’s Not Even 9AM

And I’ve done my morning yoga, showered, co-washed and sectioned my hair and put my hair in foam curlers. Alright!

I had an unexpected day off today and it really put me in a great frame of mind. I’ve been having troubles getting up when my alarm tells me to get up these past couple of days but today I only snoozed twice? I was up and rolling my yoga mat out at 6:30am. I love being up before the sun. I had really forgotten. It’s funny now that I think about it.. I was laying in bed and I could hear the sounds of rain on pavement and I thought: YAY!!! Fun day inside! I love it when it rains and this is the first time it has rained in a couple months, which is unusual for this area/time of year. So I was up and at ’em.

Today is going to be cleaning (fun), writing and sending out a resume (double fun), have several cups of tea, and just hang out. I feel very inspired today. I haven’t had a day off in 11 days so I think that’s why I’m so energized today and ready to get things done!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday.

PS: and just for reference the yoga video I did this morning is here. It’s a quick 7min vid but it’s a good start to a day.


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