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A Poem I Wrote :)

My curly halo, often a bramble

Make it shine, make it shake.

Oils and creams, I know what it needs,

I listen as it speaks, it whispers:

‘Look at me reach’

Its teachings are subtle,

No room for rebuttal, I nurture,

I ramble on, put my words in my blog.

I tweet at the throng,

Quietly, and then strong.

A twist and a coil,

My fingers, they toil,

to shape my crown.

Look what I have now!

Who out there can tell me,

My hair isn’t polished.

I shut out that nonsense.

Breathe deeply and smile,

There’s no denying,

the strength of my roots.

My roots.

My roots.

My grandmother’s smile, my father’s laugh,

My mother’s long fingers, my grandfather’s twinkling

Eyes, with pride, look upon my head,

From above and with love,

My hair just like theirs.

-Ndeshimona, Oct 8, 2012


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