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My Hair Haiku

around, around, up
spiral, spiral, ascending
scalp to sky, reaching
-Ndeshimona (MyCurlyPotential)

I get the biggest kicks out of writing Haikus. Maybe because it’s something you do as a kid in school when doing a poetry unit in English or something. You and your friends see who can come up with the funniest most inappropriate Haiku. Doing it now is fun and a brain exercise. I’m limited by syllables. I’m limited but at the same time I’m not. I just have to be picky. And I have to remember to loosen the restraints of ‘proper grammar’ and all that. And mostly because I don’t think I could write a haiku without using my fingers. Not only do my fingers type but they also count the syllables, sometimes twice because my brain can’t keep up and my eyes go crossed.

Please please share a Haiku with me!


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