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Alright Friends, Time To Get Real!

I have not been very good at working out. At all. I admit it. And I admit it to myself. I have made plans with myself to workout but haven’t followed through. But let’s not dwell on the past!! Haha!

Tomorrow morning going for a workout with my friend. We’re going to run our tushes off and maybe hit the gym, I’m not sure. I really…. here’s the thing. I’m normally pretty broke so I would really rather skip the gym and do at home work outs. I think they’re better. For me. I workout harder, I push myself. When I’m at the gym, I do a little bit of this, and a little bit of that… but I’m not focused. So, maybe I can talk E out of hitting the gym and maybe finding a park and doing sets of burpees and mountain climbers and stuff like that?

Anyway, I’m working two jobs now. I picked up a couple shifts at my old work so tomorrow I work 1:30-11 which isn’t so bad. I’m just excited to be making more monies. Yay!

Anyway! As far as  I just wanted to say: BRING IT!!!!!

So! Feel free to drop a comment asking me about my workout. Tweet me randomly and ask what I’ve done that day. Any day. I need to be held accountable haha! Even better: join me in feeling the burn, sweating, sore muscles and all round improvement of your day and your body =)

Tweet me: @CurlyPotential


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