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Got Some Teeth

Anyone remember Obie Trice’s song ‘Got Some Teeth’? Haha! Strange, silly and makes me laugh every time.

Back to me. I got my last two wisdom teeth out today. Good times. It wasn’t too bad actually. I really like my dentist here. The whole time I was in the chair I was thinking, ‘I could not do what he’s doing’. And so chill. And the other thing I was thinking was ‘I’m so glad I wasn’t around when there was no anesthesia…’ It was so.. blaah.. I couldn’t feel anything, just felt pressure. I could feel those teeth wiggling loose but what was not so fun was the sounds. Yeesh! I couldn’t do it. But I am thankful there are people out there who can. And who do it well. So thank you Dr. I am now in my PJ’s on the couch. In two hours I’ll pop some meds. By the way, I feel like a pelican when I pop meds or eat anything. Just kinda tossing it to the back of my throat with my tongue and swallowing gulp-like. Fun times.

So now I am wisdom tooth free! But no running or workouts for a week. And no straws! I am all about taking care of myself after stuff like that. I don’t want any complications. Just gotta let my body do its thing and heal up.


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