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Single Strand Knots: The Natural’s Arch Nemesis!

For those of you who have encountered single strand knots, I feel your pain. For me, it’s the worst when I’m sitting on my couch, minding my own business, running my fingers through my hair and then feeling the tiniest of blips. Immediately my other hand is at the scene, feeling the strand for the offensive knots. Then it’s a trip to the washroom for a scissors, one hand on the offensive knot the other rooting around for a scissors. Why do SSK exist?? To annoy me? I found a blog with some great insight about SSK here. For the most part, they’re unavoidable. If you have curly hair your hair will take it upon itself to coil and form a knot at some point. But there are some methods to avoid the buggers if you can.

How can we avoid SSK’s? From what I’ve read there are a couple of common tips:

1) Wear your hair stretched!
Okay, this sounds easy but personally sounds like a pain. I am far too attached to wash ‘n’ go’s to maintain stretched styles for too long. But as my hair grows longer I am aware that WnG’s won’t be my go-to anymore. Gotta retain that length.

2) Detangle those curls!
Gotta get that shed hair out of the bunch. It will only get caught up in the fun, which you don’t want.

3) Don’t sleep with loose hair!
I am already frowning at this one… eff…

4) Keep Hair Moisturized
Frizzy hair turns into tangled hair and no one wants that. No one.

With those in mind I am off to do a hot oil treatment. Coconut oil here I come!

Here’s where I got my info:
7 Ways to Keep Your Single Strand Knots to a Minimum
How to Prevent Single Strand Knots from Forming



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