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ACV Rinse for the Win!

I just discovered the magic of the ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse and I couldn’t be more thankful. Here’s what’s up. My scalp was not feeling so great. It felt weighed down and was a little itchy. Weird, cause I had just washed it on Monday. So I thought, hey let’s try out an ACV rinse. So I got what I needed and last night at 10:30pm or so I tried it out. I didn’t bother measuring it just so. I filled a quarter of the spray-bottle with ACV and then the rest with water, gave it a little shake and started spraying. Made sure to get my hair thoroughly wet and then I got in there with my fingers and massed my scalp! I rinsed the whole thing out and my scalp feels a lot better because of it. I now have a new product to add to my regimen. Not on a schedule.. but more of an on-call product. Whenever I need a refresher. It’s a great clarifier. So much product can build up even when co-washing. It’s good to get everything out and start fresh. Yay!



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