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No Heat For Rocco

Rocco has had 6 blissful months without intentional heat touching his strands. I don’t think I would have ever thought that there would be a time where I could walk away from the my flat iron. Honestly.

When I first moved away for school one of my first purchases was a flat iron. A good one. Me and roomie-friend went halfies on a $100 salon quality flat iron. I was elated. I could replace my crummy drug store flat iron with this sleek salon one. Life was good. I remember one Christmas, my roomie and I were both heading home and we were trying to work out who would take the flat iron with them. I think I ended up taking it because her mom had one. Ooh those straight styles. I was a pro with the heat protectant. Clipping the mess of curly hair up and taking the flat iron to it. What a feeling as my hair steamed and lay down stiffly. A pile of straw-like hair on the floor in front of my mirror where I had been surrounded by clips and styling sprays. Off I went, with my hair so straight. Some of my itty bitty hairs sticking straight up, but overall a good look.

And then March happened. Suddenly I had no use for a flat iron. I had no use for a hair brush. Or blow dryer. Or ponytails. Or clips. My hair didn’t need any manipulation. There wasn’t enough hair to manipulate! Perfect. I got used to feeling the wind on my neck and my ears. I got used to having shorter hair than my brother. I got used to reaching up and not having a whole lot going on up there.

And then the weirdest thing happened. My hair grew! HAH! You know when you have one of those days after your BC and you look at yourself in the mirror or you just tell yourself, ‘my hair isn’t going to grow’. I don’t know why, it’s so illogical. But I was so happy and surprised when I would grab a curl and pull it and see, that curl has so much potential. It has so much more going on than it shows. My hair grows!!

6 months later and my hair is thick, resilient, it is curly and most of all it’s happy. I think Rocco is happy. He may not be the most cooperative but life is good when there’s no flat iron or blow dryer coming to get him.

This isn’t to say I’ll never straighten my hair again. Straight looks are great and I can’t wait until I have some amazing length to show off. Maybe on my one year BC anniversary I’ll give it a go. It’ll be strange, picking up the blow dryer or picking up the flat iron. I know, without a doubt, it will be scary. Heat damage is my NUMBER ONE fear as a natural girl. All those years I destroyed my hair in an attempt to remove the curl. Now the thought of that curl remaining straight and lifeless and have it all my doing would really be disheartening. So I know I’m going to be learning everything I can about doing a blow-out and straightening natural hair. I’ll be there in 6 months youtube tutorials! What a journey. So glad it happened 🙂 I have to say… I’m thankful that 6 months ago my hair was in such shit shape, breaking and falling off everywhere, that I had no choice but to cut it all off. So thankful =)


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