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Natural Hair: Pet Peeves + What I Named My Fro!

Just thought I would post a little something about natural hair, mostly the things I could go without. It goes without saying, my hair is my friend. However, like all friends there are always a couple of things that bug me about it.

1. Tired arms: Natural girls must have crazy biceps with all the work we do up there. Coils and twists, detangling, braiding, massaging that scalp and so on. Holy wow do my arms get tired spending so much time up there.

2. Greasy ears: anyone? Or is this just me. Y’know when you’re working that coconut oil through your strands and you notice the tops of your ears got some of it? Blah, not a fun feeling. Gotta take care of that.

3. Knots: Naturally.

No one has asked to touch my hair so far. Well, one person, but she was a friend so I didn’t feel bad saying no. hah! And then one friend who I haven’t seen in a while gave me a hug and complimented my hair then said: I’d ask to touch it but I know you hate that. And I was like, you know it! I appreciate it. I think what bugged me a lot was when people would ask to touch my brothers’ hair. I think I was a little protective but it really annoyed me. I wonder if he still gets that?

That’s all I’ve got so far. And also, I think I have the name for my fro!!!!

*drumroll please*

ROCCO! (Raw-coh). The name may change as he grows into a full afro. My TWA didn’t have a name so now my Medium-Sized Afro will henceforth be named Rocco.


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