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Day 3 Run – Check!

I woke up a little later than I’d like. As I lay in bed I battled with myself. I like to run when it’s early. Either early, in the evening or not at all. But I had slept past my alarm and that was my fault. I could see myself putting my running clothes on and hitting the road and instead of rolling over or doing a workout video to supplement, I picked up my running leggings from the side of my bed and put them on while still in bed. Then sat up and put my top on. There. No excuses.

Did some stretches and I was out the door. In the three runs I have done I have managed to shave off a minute! Crazy yes? And these are all for the 3k I have been running. Aah, 3k… sad… I think I’ll take the day off tomorrow and do some strength, and then Monday I will be back and I think I’ll try a 5k route. Get back to where I was.

Thurs – 16:40
Fri – 16:11
Today – 15:46 whoo!



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