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Havana Twists

Havana TwistsOk! I just saw this pic on pinterest and I was immediately interested. Havana Twists. Has anyone ever heard/tried these? I think the style looks gorgeous and would be a great protective style . I think what I look for in a protective style is simplicity. If I am capable of  putting them in and removing them with relative ease I am happy. Box braids are something my mom would put in and, as you may know, that takes hoooours to put in and hours to take out. Plus, I can’t do them myself, I’d need a hand. But these Havana Twists I feel like I could do myself no probs.

What do you guys think about this look?? I’m so interested, I need to find out more.

Here’s a link to a great post about Havana Twists.

Update: CurlPlease has a great post about her successful first time installing her own Havana Twists here.


4 thoughts on “Havana Twists

  1. I am soo on it! The hair to create the style is a little expensive but it is reusable so I guess it is worth it. Well hell it should be for how much you have to spend on it lol! But I love this style, it is so pretty. I want the sangria color mix and for that I would need 3 packs of each color. I have been lusting for this style for a little more than a month now. I have watched Youtube tutorials and everything and I can’t wait to try this style ASAP. I don’t know if you have been to the site for the hair but you can look at all the colors they have at. http://www.fingercomber.bigcartel.com If you get them post a pic girl.

  2. This style still looks amazing I think. I would love to have some but can’t really shell out that much cash for them so I opted for Curlformers instead. But I really want to keep these in mind for a winter protective style. You have to let me know if you get them girl!

  3. These are my goal twists on my natural hair. I want my hair that same density and length in the near future. I love Havana twists ! 🙂

    • yess! do you mean doing havana twists with just your natural hair and no extensions? cause that would be amazing. I have quiet some time before that’s a possibility. but yeah, I think they look really nice on the girls I’ve seen them on.

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